Mosaic courses

Beginner 40 hours

You learn the basics of the Ravenna technique, manual cutting of the material with special tools: hardie and hammer.

Using stone materials (marbles) and glass (called smalti).

Works:    a copy of the Roman / Byzantine mosaic / free design with direct technique on lime of about 12 × 16 inch, a copy of a Roman mosaic / Byzantine / free design with direct technique of cement of about 6 × 6 inch

Cost:       600,00 €

Duration:    40 hours per week, from Monday to Friday 9-13 h / 14-18 h

Beginner 20 hours

You learn the basics of direct Ravenna technique upon provisional support (lime) and manual cutting of the tiles using hardie and hammer with marble material.

Works:  a copy of a Roman mosaic / Byzantine / free design with direct technique on lime of about 12×12 inch

Cost:     380,00 €

Duration:  20 hours, half day workshop (morning or afternoon) from Monday to Friday 9-13 h / 14-18


This course is for those who already have a knowledge of the technique and want to accomplish personal projects, sculptures, translate a painting in the mosaic. You will have at your disposal all materials in the studio.

Works:  a mosaic of about 30 × 40 cm

Cost:      680,00 €

Duration:   40 hours

Half day

You can try the experience to carry out, alone, as a couple or with family, a little mosaic to take home as a souvenir of your holiday in Ravenna!
Wanna figure out how to make one of the mosaics that you saw visiting the city? A brief immersion in a true mosaic workshop!

Works:  a mosaic approx 18 × 18 cm, and we witness the cutting of the tiles using traditional tools: hardie and hammer.

Cost:     160,00 €

Duration:   4 hours

One Day

This course is ideal for those who want to know the mosaic technique but do not have a lot time available. You can create a small copy or an object to be coated.

Works:  a copy of a Byzantine / Roman mosaic design or just the 20 × 20 cm size using marbles or glass, or you cover a small object. You will participate in all phases of production from manual cutting of tiles, to the final realization.

Cost:     220,00 €

Duration:   8 hours, 9-13 h / h 14-18

Course for Kids

The workshop periodically organizes mosaic classes for children from min 6 max 10 between 6 and 12 years old. If you are interested in participating you can e-mail me and you will receive all information regarding the course

Courses Calendar


January 7-11

February 4-8

March 4-8; 18-22

April 8-12

May 13-17

June 3-7; 17-21

July 15-19

August 5-9; 26-30

September 16-20

Special October Ravenna Mosaic Festival

November 4-8

December 9-13