Mosaic course + Ravenna tour

This course is for those who want to approach the mosaic technique and discover, accompanied by a professional guide, the beautiful mosaics of Ravenna, Unesco heritage.

You learn the basics of the Ravenna technique, manual cutting of the material with special tools: hardie and hammer.

In addition you will have the opportunity to visit the most important monuments of Ravenna, to know anecdotes and curiosities, accompanied by a specialized guide, agreeing timetables and route together.

Works:  a copy of the Roman / Byzantine mosaic / free design with direct technique on lime of about 30×30 cm

Duration:  20 hours, half day of course (day or afternoon) from Monday to Friday 9-13 h or 14-18 h + guided visit

Cost: to be defined according to the itinerary, the time and the high or low season