Lea Ciambelli

Complete Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Naples in ’77 and reached Ravenna in ’98. I trained at the vocational school ‘Albe Steiner ‘, graduating from mosaic designer and I gathered first work experience in one of the oldest studio of the city, where I learnt the secrets of mosaic art, and also contributed to the construction of great projects: the decoration of some apses in Italy and abroad, the mosaic in a modern reworking of works by famous artists.

I have participated in exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad, such as the Venice Biennale, the Milan EXPO, the Tourism Fair in Brussels, the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna, I exhibited my works in Naples and Spain (Madrid, Andalusia) where I lived for several years.

I had the opportunity to publish some books about mosaic with the renowned publishing house Frechverlag for TOPP necklace.

In 2005 I started Pixel atelier where I elaborate mosaics and make works, mostly on commission, and organize training courses. The love for this art inspired me to convey the passion for mosaics also through teaching.

In 2014 I took part in the “Byzantine Officine Riunite” group, created with other mosaic artists from Ravenna to share future projects such as collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna to present the Milan Expo 2015 a marine-inspired totem that was also exposed during the fourth edition of the International Mosaic Festival that was held in October 2015 in Ravenna.

Works and Projects