Dimensions: 6×6,6 inches

Materials: terracotta base, volcanic stone, Venetian (glass) smalti, gold, coral.


Ravenna’s Tales is a project dedicated to the city of Ravenna, conceived by a group of mosaic artists associates with CNA, a trade association to whom Pixel Mosaici is taking part, in order to create a big monument that can enrich the walls of the city and give a positive and hopeful impulse after the global lockdown in 2020. A mosaic of mosaics, a set of ‘Coroncine‘, ceramic tiles decorated with mosaic, which take their name from the arches shape of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia resembling to small crowns. Each one is inspired by a story of reality or fantasy and translate in mosaic.

You can join the project by purchasing a ‘Coroncina‘ to keep or to give ad a gift, or to make it in our workshops under the guide of an expert mosaic artist, or to leave it to be placed into the monument. The final idea is to decorate the city with many mosaic stories, a wonderful tribute to Ravenna. As with other initiatives shared with Linea Rosa, a voluntary association in support of the fight against women’s violence, a fee will be donated to charity for each ‘Coroncina‘.

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