Mosaics for sale on commission

Mosaics for sale on commissionsymbol

On our online shop you can find all on sale mosaics made by Pixel, art mosaic studio in Ravenna
The works are all hand made and each of them is unique.
You can choose among several creations, all handmade using the finest traditional materials. Like the enamels and golds produced in Venice, the renowned Italian marbles and the rarest ones of foreign origin, Tiffany and mirrored glass, the Murano murrine.

We use different techniques that allow us to create different types of mosaics, from small objects, to reproductions of ancient works (Roman and Byzantine mosaics), to contemporary mosaics, such as tables, carpets and other furnishing elements.

The works can be purchased directly in our Pixel Mosaici studio in Ravenna, where they are exhibited in a gallery, or you can easily buy them online here on our website where you can find a catalogue of our artistic mosaics.

You can also commission a tailored mosaic: the reproduction of a Roman or Byzantine mosaic (such as the Cave Canem in Pompeii or the star of Galla Placidia in Ravenna) or a photo, a landscape, a portrait or the detail of a famous painting.

We also work on objects, such as making a mirror, covering vases, jewellery boxes, frames or other furnishing elements up to the creation of tables, decorative panels and floor mosaics.
Do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information and a free quote including delivery times.

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You can purchase mosaics made directly online through the shop on the site.