What’s behind a mosaic work process

When a mosaic is required, the design part is the most important of the whole process.

A client comes to me and asks: ‘Can you make a mirror for my new bathroom?’.

Great! Where do we start? How big the bathroom is ? What are the predominant colors? Then we discuss about the shape, size of the mirror, the materials, the design … in few words, this is when the creative and most beautiful part of my work gets started !!

After a long and accurate chat with the client, I start process of the project from an idea or rather from a drawing: the flowers and colors of the Islamic ceramics of Turkish mosques.

The best way to represent them is to use the splendid bright colors of the smalti(specific glass for the mosaic) made in the ancient furnaces of Venice; small and precious murrine (those pretty little flowers produced in the famous lagoon as well) and mirrored glass, which ensure that the light is reflected and the frame sparkles in different ways differently depending on the perspective and light. Finally, a nice neutral background of white marble, a mixture of Carrara (bright and sugary) and Trani(milky white, more compact) that highlights only the main design.

After completing the drawing, I then proceed with the preparation of the support, the containment frame and finally the cutting of the tiles. This really is the most important and exciting part of the process: select the colors, set all the variety of materials on the table, look for the most suitable murrine, the glass with the right shade and brilliance: in short, I feel like a child in a toys’ shop! Then I proceed with the meticulously and wisely cut tesserae by tesserae, so that each fits perfectly with the other in order to create a fluid movement, a harmonious andamento.

Now that everything is set and ready I can start working to create the mirror and one the strongest emotions of my job to see what was initially just in my head coming to life, I don’t just see it in my fantasy anymore now it’s real and I can touch it! The creativity that becomes tangible: an enormous satisfaction.

I love mosaic for all this.