About us

About us

My name is Lea Ciambelli and I was born in Naples in 1977. Driven my a passion for mosaics art, I attended the ‘Albe Steiner’ professional school in Ravenna, graduating as a mosaic designer.

I trained at the Mosaicist Cooperative, one of the oldest workshops in the city, where I learned the secrets of mosaic art and also contributed to the realization of big international projects. I have participated in events and exhibitions, collaborated with artists and colleagues, published mosaic books and exhibited some of my works in Italy and abroad.

In 2005 I founded Pixel Mosaici a mosaic studio in Ravenna where I create original mosaic works and ancient and modern reproductions on commission, and where I organize mosaic courses for children and adults. 

Born in 2016 Pixel Mosaici B&B is a bed and breakfast annexed to host students and tourists from all over the world.

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