VIII Biennale of Contemporary Mosaic

10 October 2023

The biennial of contemporary mosaic is offering many events this year in Ravenna.

Pixel Mosaici will be present at the exhibition “Episodi di Mosaico Contemporaneo” which will be held at Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste from October 14th to January 14th.

Six young designers and six mosaic artists from Ravenna dialogue and interact in the production of new and special objects intended for interior furnishings.

The project was born by commissioning six designers to create objects intended to be worked as mosaics. The drawings of the authors Arthur Arbesser, Atelier Biagetti, Cara | Davide, Lanzavecchia + Wai and Gio Tirotto, will be created as mosaics by the Annafietta laboratories, Gruppo Mosaicisti di Marco Santi, Pixel Mosaici in collaboration with Dimensione Mosaico, Koko Mosaico and Barbara Liverani Studio. The WASP company was involved in the production of the supports, 3D printed in PLA (a bioplastic obtained from corn starch).

“Contemporary Mosaic Episodes” is a project curated by Maria Cristina Didero, supported and organized by the Municipality of Ravenna – Department of Culture and Mosaic and by MAR – City Art Museum.

WHERE: Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste

WHEN: from October 14th to January 14th; inauguration Saturday October 14th at 6.30 pm.

The exhibition ‘Tales of invisible cities’ will be held at the Oriani library, inspired by the work of the famous italian writer Italo Calvino and the central theme of the Ravenna Festival, which we mosaic artists took inspiration from for the exhibition which was held in July Giordania, on the occasion of the friendship concert directed by Maestro Muti.

The Invisible Cities are fictional cities, which are imagined in a dialogue between Marco Polo, the famous traveler and merchant of Venice, and Kublai Khan, the emperor of the Tartars.

These are places that are sometimes desolate, sometimes rich in people and merchandise, cities imagined in the distance in the middle of the sand, or seaside cities, in which we find references to magnificent gardens, ships, fortresses, exotic animals or jellyfish.

This imagination pushed each of the mosaic artists to find a connection between the pictorial work of the Jordanian artists they chose to work with and the countless suggestions suggested by the Italian writer, creating a visionary bridge between Italy and Jordan in which mosaics, painting and poetry mix into one.

Exhibition curated by Linda Kniffitz and CNA Ravenna.

WHERE: Oriani Library, via Corrado Ricci, 26 – Ravenna

WHEN: from October 14th to November 2nd; inauguration Saturday October 14th at 11.00 am.

VIII Biennale of Contemporary Mosaic